January 28th, 2020

get critical

Poem for Tuesday and Chinese New Year

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I have nothing important to report from my Monday. We had nice weather, I did some work, I did some laundry, I went to the park, I listened to a neighbor actually burst into tears while talking about Kobe Bryant and got lectured online about how insensitive I am to rape victims if the very first thing I think when I hear "Kobe Bryant" is anything other than rage about a single assault allegation from so many years ago that I had his case confused with Ben Roethlisberger's -- it's David Bowie's death all over again.

We caught up on Batwoman, which I liked (please keep Beth!), Supergirl, which I did not love (I was so afraid Winn and his man-pain was back for good, when I should have been afraid Brainy and his man-pain would not shut up), and two-weeks-back Doctor Who, which I loved (Tesla! Edison! Aliens! It was like The Prestige crossed with Sanctuary with the Doctor). Here from Lakeforest Mall's Chinese New Year celebration are some of the performances, a bit of the art show, the dragon, and some displays:

2020-01-25 15.47.40
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