February 4th, 2020


Poem for Tuesday and Farewell Calypso

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Alice had something to return at Lord & Taylor, but the one in Tysons Corner Mall has closed, so she came here and we went to the remains of White Flint Mall to Lord & Taylor, then had lunch at the Big Greek Cafe (with so many desserts that we both brought some home for later). And then we went to Michaels, where I behaved and did not buy any more beads though I did buy a couple of charms.

After Alice went home, I went to take a walk because it was so gorgeous out. We watched an episode of Marvel's Runaways, which is very creepy third season, then this week's Doctor Who, which has some lovely character moments but is still pounding out some clunky lecturesome monologues (and yes, I know the show has always been political, but the scripts weren't always so heavy).

In sad news, the National Aquarium's green sea turtle, Calypso, died last night. The turtle was rescued and had to have a flipper amputated nearly two decades ago, so we have been visiting her in Baltimore all the years we've been going to the aquarium with our kids and we always made sure to look at her. In memory of those happy times, here are photos I took of her over the past 8 years:

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