February 9th, 2020


Greetings from Conowingo Dam and Longwood Gardens

It was a gorgeous chilly morning, so we got up early for a weekend to go enjoy nature! We drove to Conowingo Dam, hoping to see eagles, though we only saw the top of the head of one in a nest built at the top of a power transmission tower, which it raised every time one of the numerous vultures or seagulls got too close (there were also dozens of gulls and great blue herons in the trees and on the rocks below). When we left, we drove right over the dam (and the Susquehanna River) on the way to Burger King for Impossible Whoppers.

Then we went to Longwood Gardens, which has a big, stunning orchid extravaganza throughout the conservatory, though before we went to see it, we walked through the hillside garden past the chimes tower to see the snowdrops and winter aconite blooming there, and afterward we stopped at the Pierce du Pont House on the way to meadow, the lake, and the Italian Water Garden. We drove home under a gorgeous sunset and spectacular twilight, ate sandwiches for dinner, and watched some ice skating and Runaways before SNL.

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