February 11th, 2020

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Poem for Tuesday and Strathmore Home

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I spent an insane amount of Monday reorganizing my camera stuff. After having saved for two years for a really powerful superzoom, I decided once I got it that since it was just as heavy as my DSLR with the 18-200 lens, I should actually take the DSLR out more often. So I bought new batteries and a new double charger, plus a little USB card reader that lets me send photos to my phone without needing a camera with wi-fi, and I needed convenient places to grab them from if a bird appeared on the deck or something. So by the time I was done throwing out the boxes my phones came in 10 years ago and things like that, I was more organized but no one besides me would think anything was neater!

It rained pretty much all day, so I only took a short walk and was otherwise fairly boring, though I set up a new scratching post for the cats so they would disagree with that assessment. We caught up on last night's Doctor Who, which I liked intermittently, though I don't understand how the Doctor continues to be so insensitive to the humans she claims to care about when they have fears about health or death -- not wanting to get to attached is one thing, but sometimes she's just obtuse compared to, say, Ten -- plus we watched The New Pope, which is such insane, glorious crack that I can't look away. From the Strathmore mansion yesterday, some of the works in the Home exhibit:

2020-02-09 14.50.42
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