February 20th, 2020


Poem for Thursday and Great Falls

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I saw my friend-since-elementary-school Linda on Wednesday -- we had lunch plans and decided that first we would go take a walk at Great Falls, which wound up being a nice long walk out to Olmsted Island, then along the canal where we saw vultures, ducks, geese, and a great blue heron. We had worked up an appetite and decided to get Beyond Sausage sandwiches at Dunkin' before heading home.

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My afternoon involved less exciting things like fighting with my computer, laundry, but Linda had shown me how she had colorized old family photos on MyHeritage.com, and after converting a couple of my grandparents' childhood pictures there, I went looking for other free online colorization programs and now I have a much better sense of what my great-grandparents looked like!

Because of this, I got no more of the scanning project done, but that will take all year anyway, so it's a small setback. We had couscous for dinner and watched The Masked Singer (very fun and they actually unmasked the right person for a change), then Lego Masters (still goofy but not hard on the brain), and then Stumptown (so the family mysteries deepen, at least the L.A. stuff was funny).