February 22nd, 2020

get critical

Poem for Saturday and Green Spring Glasshouse

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After being out every day this week, I had to crack down and get things done on Friday, so it was not an exciting day. I did a bunch of chores, I went out in the chilly weather to do a raid with a bunch of PoGo friends, we had dinner with my parents who suggested that we watch Henry VII: The Winter King, which we did and really enjoyed (I'd forgotten what a piece of work he was in comparison to his more famous son).

Then we started watching Hunters, but Amazon Prime kept glitching -- the Roku works fine with Vudu, Disney+, Netflix, HBO, and everything else, but Amazon Prime is super-temperamental -- so we turned it off and switched to On Demand to watch Toy Story 4, which I'm sure we enjoyed a lot more than we'd have enjoyed Nazi assassins. From Green Spring Gardens last weekend, orchids and other flowers in the conservatory glasshouse:

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