March 5th, 2020

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Green Spring Art

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Social media was as exhausting the morning after Super Tuesday as it was on Super Tuesday itself. I really wish we had a national primary day so I wouldn't have to wait weeks, at which point the nomination will probably be long decided already. I didn't get much done, and eventually I got fed up trying to concentrate and went to take a walk in the park, where the redbuds and daffodils were blooming in addition to hundreds of crocuses.

In the early evening before dinner I worked on my scanning project, then we ate bangers and mash and watched The Masked Singer (the right dismissal for a change), LEGO Masters (so now all the female-led teams are gone, ugh), and Stumptown (great episode, finally we get some of the significant events of Dex's past). Here are some of the outdoor sculptures, indoor art, and historic structures at Green Spring Gardens:

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