April 14th, 2020


Poem for Tuesday and Post-Storm Flowers

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Monday started warm, then a couple of huge thunderstorms blew through, taking out the remaining cherry blossoms and sending our cats to hide down the basement. I didn't do much of note, in part because I was saving my work every few seconds in case the power went out. I had internet arguments with several NeverBiden hashtag friends which I'm sure accomplished nothing. I waver between being glad Bernie endorsed Joe so quickly and furious because if he'd done the same with Hillary, we might not be in this shitshow. I wrote a post about the assault allegations that got me defriended by someone and I don't even know who yet.

We had leftovers for lunch, took a walk after the last storm to enjoy the coming azaleas and tulips, and I dyed my roots because I'm fine with wearing slob clothes and never wearing makeup even when I'm not social distancing but I can't deal with an inch of gray at the temples. apaulled made Thai basil and peanut noodles for dinner, which were awesome, then we watched two episodes of Antiques Roadshow and one of The Witcher (time jump threw me but Yennefer and Ciri are keeping my attention). Here's how the neighborhood looked after the rain, though we didn't get a rainbow because of the angle of the clouds:

2020-04-13 14.46.21
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