April 27th, 2020

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Poem for Monday and Pastel Azaleas

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We had rain almost all day Sunday, so I had the laziest Sunday of the past 10 years. I spent the morning arguing with Dell representatives, the upshot of which is that I'm getting a new computer (for more than I was hoping but less than I was fearing), though that won't be arriving until mid-May. The highlight of my day was a group Zoom with fannish friends! I was going to follow that with a family Zoom that we've been trying to set up for weeks, but my uncle had connectivity issues.

We had leftover noodles for dinner and watched Batwoman (needed more Kate and her sisters but it was all worth watching for "The Joker isn't in Arkham"), then World on Fire (oh, Sean Bean, you poor broken idiot, pay attention to your children instead of seeing them as extensions of yourself), and then the late showing of Westworld (come on, Maeve and Dolores, you must see that you should be working together). Wet azaleas and a few dry ones from earlier in the week:

2020-04-24 17.38.07
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