May 19th, 2020


Poem for Tuesday and More Goslings

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It was gorgeous on Monday, cool and breezy, so I had all my windows open while I scanned the proofs from my wedding and the photos from my bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, and the brunch my parents had for my relatives the next day while we were driving to Niagara Falls, plus the honeymoon photos that didn't make it into the album which is really more of a scrapbook so I scanned the full pages a couple of years ago. When Paul finished his afternoon phone conference, we went for a walk and saw lots of peonies and what I'm told is clematis emerging now that the azaleas and irises are fading.

Otherwise, it was an upsetting day. In the past week, I had a long-distance friend lose his mother and an in-law lose her father to COVID, and today I found out that a local friend had lost her sister who wasn't even 40. Given the statistics, it was inevitable it would affect people I know, and now more people are shopping and planning not-entirely-socially-distant travel and it's stressing me out. We spent the evening catching up on this season's final episodes of The Flash, and I was admittedly distracted but I think they were pretty terrible. Here are some more photos of Lake Whetstone's geese and goslings:

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