May 21st, 2020


Poem for Thursday and The Mammoth Site

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I just typed "Monday was quiet" which should tell you how well I can follow the passage of time right now. It wasn't a bad day -- I did a bunch of scanning from the '80s, I started reading the Hunger Games prequel The Ballad of Songbirds And Snakes, and, since I had laundry to fold and needed distraction, we watched Field of Dreams after we walked around the neighborhood where the bunnies were enjoying the cool weather but the frog and deer were hiding.

I'm quite sad The Masked Singer is over for the season but very happy with the results, and I loved tonight's What We Do in the Shadows -- I love Guillermo's whole storyline this season. I'm afraid to say Run is a trainwreck because that might literally turn out to be true, but I am really disliking Billy now and Ruby only slightly less. These pics are from 1992 at The Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, where digging for a housing development uncovered these fossilized treasures:

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