May 23rd, 2020


Poem for Saturday and Squirrel Friends

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Friday dawned very rainy but turned into a humid yet cool afternoon that was quite lovely. I got to see my father very briefly -- I had bagels for him, he had Beyond Burgers for me -- and my oldest friend for less happy reasons, since her uncle had died of coronavirus and she wanted to use my USB webcam so that her aunt could join a virtual memorial service and sit shiva via Zoom. She brought sourdough starter that has risen a great deal more this evening than our sourdough starter, though the latter made good pizza dough crust when we divided it to feed it and I got to knead it, which is very good for working out the fingers!

We had delicious pesto pizza with that crust before and evening of catch-up TV: Supergirl's season finale, which was mostly good because of the SuperCorp love, and The 100's season premiere, which was pretty good though I will never not miss Marcus and Abby, and Billions, in which Axe is now a much bigger dick than Chuck and I'm only watching in the hope someone else takes them all down. I scanned late 1970s trips to Disney World and Barbados today, so you may get to see those soon, but in the meantime here are some of the squirrels and chipmunks who have been visiting our deck while we've been at home:

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