May 27th, 2020


Poem for Wednesday and Torvill & Dean

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Tuesday was not a good day. We found out that another relative, Paul's brother's wife, had lost her father to the coronavirus -- I can't even remember now if I mentioned here that his cousin's wife also lost her father to it after a long, horrible hospital stay. My day was mostly quiet: I was scanning old skating pictures, I chatted online with my good friend in England, and I talked to my college roommate so that was lovely.

We watched Stargirl, which I liked better than the first though I hope she interacts more with other girls, and Legends of Tomorrow, which was awesome -- I don't care if they borrowed the concept from Supernatural, Kirk and Spock as lesbian lovers was a thing of beauty and I loved the Mr. Rogers and Downton Abbey parodies too! These pics are from the 1984 World Professional Figure Skating Championships and my father took the actual skating photos:

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