June 10th, 2020


Poem for Wednesday and Montgomery Village Goslings

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It was a pretty quiet Tuesday -- literally, since we no longer have Carolina wrens singing their cheeseburger song outside all day, though we had a bunch of visiting squirrels and chipmunks and a couple of sparrows (we haven't taken down the bird feeder to fill yet just in case the adult wrens come back). I did a bunch of scanning, sorting, and downloading, but no fun writing or real work.

Paul discovered that Grand Fusion is now delivering, so we had Kung Pao and Thai basil tofu for dinner (and lots of leftovers), which was awesome. We watched Stargirl, which is just a little cutesy, then what's likely to be the last Arrested Development, which was pretty satisfying ending but I'll miss the show and its inside jokes. Not wrens, but the young birds we saw last weekend:

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