June 19th, 2020

green little review

Poem for Friday and Neighborhood Walk

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We had a warm, sticky day on Thursday, which I got to enjoy outdoors quite a bit. Before lunch I met a neighbor for a Pokemon raid in the neighborhood, where it's fairly easy to socially distance, and we walked back toward our houses afterward discussing our kids and education and the surprise delightful Supreme Court DACA decision of the morning. We had a big rainstorm, then in the afternoon I took my camera to try to take photos of the baby birds that hatched in my cat-sitter's bird house; I couldn't get enough light to focus, but since I had the camera, I walked through the woods path and around the neighborhood:

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You can see the tailless squirrel who lives somewhere along the woods path, and one of two deer that were pretty unafraid of us until another neighbor approached walking a dog, plus the fish pond frog and butterflies in the lilies. We had leftover shepherd's pie for dinner with haroset, which we've decided we should eat far more often than just Passover. Then we watched this week's Burden of Truth (really good this season, though I hope they talk more specifically about the First Nations issues) and Blindspot (I'm so sick of Madeline and wish they'd give them a little more fun this final season), plus NatGeo on European geology.