June 24th, 2020


Poem for Wednesday and Connecticut Autumn

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Tuesday was a fighting-with-Flickr day, trying to upload and tag all the scans I've done in the past weeks while Flickr does things like refuse to let me put photos in albums. (If rumors are true, I may need a different long-term storage solution to back up Google; suggestions welcome.) We took a walk and saw lots of flowers and many chipmunks, and though we heard thunder, the storm never hit us.

I'm really liking Stargirl after its uneven start -- it's such a pleasure to have a superhero series focused on an ordinary bunch of girls and some male sidekicks -- and we also watched a bunch of National Geographic shows (searching for Alexander's tomb in Alexandria, history of Easter Island, Stonehenge and its Irish connections). From our trip to New England in the fall of 1996 after Adam was born:

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