June 25th, 2020


Poem for Thursday and Gymboree Class

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We had a quiet Wednesday except for the squirrels, who were irritated we hadn't tossed seed out on the deck for them like we'd been doing when we had a nest and spent the day trying to figure out how to get the seed out of the bird feeder. I am slowly uploading many years' worth of photos and creating PDF photo books (Shutterfly tragically won't let me download any from before they switched to their current system). We took a walk in the humid afternoon and I did a Pokemon raid with my neighbor who plays.

We had Mexican food for dinner, after which we watched The 100, in which I wish the characters weren't so scattered this season but Indra finally got to do what she was always meant to do, and Agents of SHIELD, which is more fun this season making period mini-movies than the actual time travel plot but it's still such a delight seeing the cast having so much fun and I hope Sousa stays till the finale. Here are some photos from one of older son's Gymboree classes in 1994 (apparently my in laws went with me):

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