July 4th, 2020


Greetings from Delmarva

We are home, probably to the relief of our cats and my mother who was feeding them but I really hope I can see the ocean again (either ocean) before the year is over. It was probably time to go anyway: Fenwick Island had more people arriving for July 4th weekend and when we stopped in Rehoboth Beach, the beach itself looked crowded, though the boardwalk had plenty of social distancing and the police were enforcing required masks.

We had thought about getting Nic-o-bolis from Nicola's Pizza, but decided to avoid the shopping streets, though we bought some fries before leaving Delaware and ate them at lunch in Tuckahoe State Park, where there were almost no people and many wild animals. We got home in time for leftovers before watching Hamilton on Disney+, which is a real joy. Here are a few photos from our last vacation day, more after the laundries are done!

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