July 8th, 2020


Poem for Wednesday and New Orleans Nostalgia

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I spent a ridiculous amount of time on Tuesday trying to figure out whether a prescription I take is part of a recall -- Caremark helpfully emailed me a list of NDC numbers for the recalled formulations, but Caremark does not include the NDC numbers on their bottles, so there was no way I could know whether I had the recalled formulation without contacting them, so why they didn't just figure this out for patients and then tell us specifically whether our medicine was or was not part of the recall is beyond me. (Turns out mine is fine.)

It was otherwise not an exciting day: better weather than Monday, some thunder but no big rainstorms, we managed to walk and see bunnies. I'm still behind on laundry but I got a bunch of scanning done and we Skyped my kids and parents. We watched Stargirl, which I am really loving -- nice family dynamics though I want more mom, great girls -- then some Lost Cities With Albert Lin, which has very interesting science but is much too interested in looking for physical evidence of human sacrifice in Central and South America for my taste.

Since I had all that time to spend first waiting for a callback, then on hold as I wound up in voicemail hell and getting transferred from department to department along with hundreds of other people trying to find out the same information, I caught up with posting photos from our 2008 trip out west and finished posting photos from our 2009 trip south on Facebook, which took a stupid amount of time because Facebook deleted all the date and location information plus many of the captions. But since I'm feeling nostalgic, here are a few!

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