July 23rd, 2020

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Stormy Wednesday

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Quickie, I'm behind on all my online activities because we were without power for several hours. It was a pretty quiet day until the storms arrived; it was dark and thunderous for more than an hour, during which our power stayed on and I got some scanning done, then the sky got brighter and I folded laundry and cleaned up things in the rooms that get enough natural light without electricity. We had soup and peanut butter crackers for dinner and took a walk in the evening drizzle.

We got the power back in time for Agents of SHIELD, the time loop episode, which was very well done -- first Groundhog Day, then TNG's "Cause and Effect", then touching -- poor Coulson, I hope his arc gets wrapped up in a satisfying way when the show ends. I'm really quite happy with the Daisy-Sousa storyline. Here are some photos from after the rain, the face mask I finally repaired today, our candlelit dinner, and Katherine who is finally back in San Francisco with Adam and Pepper:

2020-07-22 20.19.21
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