July 29th, 2020

little review

Greetings from Blarrrgh

I have had a Day (and it isn't over until I finish running Malwarebytes to figure out why PayPal keeps looping the capcha page and won't let me log in to see whether my account has been compromised, since I got an email receipt for something I never bought at an address I don't use). We had a minor crisis involving out of town relatives that I can't talk about in detail for privacy reasons, and though everyone is fine, it is going to cause complications that were going to be difficult enough even without Covid. Anyway, my day was otherwise uploading photos and taking a walk in the heat, watching Stargirl, and now I'm watching fifth season Merlin which is not exactly relaxing. Look, our neighbor's cherry tomatoes are coming ripe, if they can pick them before the bunnies do:

2020-07-28 18.15.51