August 13th, 2020

get critical

Greetings from SHIELD

Running late on everything because, after a big afternoon storm cut short our walk but didn't stop us from being able to make or eat dinner, our power went out ten minutes into The 100 and we wound up at my parents' so we could watch the finale of Agents of SHIELD in their basement. That worked out fine -- my parents watched baseball upstairs, my mother made us cookies, I mostly liked the ending (I have quibbles with the short-term fates of a couple of people but nothing that can't be fixed in canon, let alone fic).

The power was back on at home before the episode ended, we got to see a gray tree frog hanging out on the bricks of my parents' garage as we were leaving, and our cats were only moderately put out that the AC came back on before we could turn on the heating blanket. Though I can't be happy about the storm, which nearly devastated Ellicott City again and caused a lot of flooding in Baltimore and Manassas, it did break the heat for a while, which I'm sure my deck thermometers were happy about:

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