August 25th, 2020


Poem for Tuesday and Summer Park

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Monday was uneventful -- editing, laundry, etc. I found a pair of lobster claw clasps to turn a necklace into a mask holder -- I would have done another but don't have gold-tone lobster clasps and don't want to buy 50 -- and made myself a pair of Biden-Harris earrings which no one will be close enough to see before the election but hey, I made Obama-Biden earrings then did not make Clinton-Kaine earrings and we all know how those elections turned out.

Otherwise my day involved getting bagels and trying to keep certain cats out of other cats' dishes. We took a walk in the evening after it cooled off, talked to neighborhood dogs and a couple of neighbors, then we watched Knives Out again -- you can't believe I was watching the stinkfest, even Colbert was too much in that regard, I turned him off and watched the end of Frozen 2. From Cabin John Park and between here and there on Sunday:

2020-08-23 14.52.00
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