August 28th, 2020


Poem for Friday and I Want To Be a Cat

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Yeah, I got nothing. I mean, I have things to say but other people are saying them better and I'm too tired to figure out whether hashtags can be a solution when they've also been so much of the problem. I read and watched more news than was good for my mental health, but many people have it so much worse right now that I couldn't look away and then I couldn't concentrate on anything else.

By evening I needed a distraction, so we took a walk and after dinner we watched Jumanji: The Next Level, which I liked better than Welcome to the Jungle but couldn't pass a quiz about; I enjoyed the body-swapping but the men still get more interesting, less typical things to do than the women. Here's the sort of day -- well, week -- well, life -- that Daisy has been having:

2020-08-16 widecat
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