September 3rd, 2020

green little review

Poem for Thursday and Woodend Mansion

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My score for Wednesday was Squirrel: 1, Tire: 0, by which I mean that on the way home from a Pokemon raid at Locust Grove, I swerved slightly to avoid a squirrel and ripped a hole in a rear tire. Tire can't be salvaged and we couldn't get an appointment to get it replaced until Friday, so the car is sitting with the spare on and won't be driven tomorrow. Hopefully the van, which hasn't really been driven this year, will run if necessary. A good friend of many years lost her husband to a long illness this morning, so that's been very upsetting.

I got some stuff done, took a walk in late afternoon drizzle that didn't turn into a rainstorm till after dinner, and we watched Get On Up, which had better acting than script that makes him look ridiculous instead of brave or broken (we get more glimpses of Brown's horrific childhood in flashbacks than the racism of the industry, but we also get some very strange choices like rage over a woman using his private toilet and no discussion of why his music remains so influential on nearly every genre of music. Woodend Mansion at the Audubon Society:

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