September 13th, 2020

little review

Greetings from Dyke Marsh

The weather on Saturday was so gorgeous that I felt guilty given how many people I know are living with unbreathable air right now. After lunch, we went to Dyke Marsh Wildlife Preserve, where we didn't see a huge amount of wildlife -- many ducks and several skinks -- but we got to walk on the boardwalk to the river, getting wet feet from the collected rainwater in places, and had lovely views of National Harbor on the other side.

We had dinner with my parents (they got Grand Fusion, yay), then came home and watched 21 Bridges, which is very well acted and very, very violent, plus a bit predictable but still worth watching. Then we watched two episodes of the second season of The Boys, also violent, some interesting women, needs Sokovia Accords so badly. Will post marsh photos when I get them uploaded; these are from dinner, where there were visitors out front.

2020-09-12 18.16.46
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