September 16th, 2020

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Poem for Wednesday and Fire Haze

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All day Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday, so I tried to get on a call with high school friends that wasn't happening till the next day and I nearly forgot to get on a call with Trekkie friends in the early evening. And I managed not to get the laundry folded and various other things that should have gotten done. I blame it on the fact that the smoke currently choking my kids has reached this coast, making the sky hazy all day and the sunset bright orange, and giving me a bit of a headache and itchy eyes and nose.

2020-09-15 18.44.47
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We took a walk anyway, though it was hard to find a good angle for photos, and I got onto chat with my friends before dinner, which we ate while watching Dead Pixels. Then we watched Big Eden, which I've wanted to see for years because of Louise Fletcher, but it has a good cast and is enjoyable though it's pretty much a Hallmark Christmas movie except set at Thanksgiving and with a gay main character from the big city instead of a woman from the big city who needs small town values (in this case fantasy Montana)!