October 3rd, 2020


Greetings from Fenwick Island

I am at the beach, so although it's in the 50s now and was in the 60s when we got here so not warm enough to swim, I have had my feet in the Atlantic and that makes everything in the world feel slightly less crazy, though there is a lot of chaos right near where I live (the President is now in the hospital where the friend I had coffee with yesterday had an appointment before I saw her) and on the other side of the country (where Adam and Katherine are moving near where Daniel lives in three days).

Paul had to work this morning, so we didn't leave till afternoon, but we had an easy drive with no traffic, there's almost no one else in the motel, and we walked on the beach both before and after dinner (which we ordered online and retrieved from the outdoor pickup area Warrens Station across the street). There are fewer sand crabs and few ghost crabs at this time of year -- we actually saw them in daytime hours, not under the nearly-full moon with Mars next to it and Jupiter and Saturn to the west. More tomorrow!

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