October 5th, 2020


Greetings from Rehoboth

I am, sadly, home from Delaware, where we had a lovely morning at the beach in Fenwick Island with lots of seagulls and sandpipers, then checked out of the motel and drove to Rehoboth Beach, where we walked the length of the boardwalk, ate Thrasher's fries and Grotto pizza on the beach, and walked up and down the main street where the stores were having a sidewalk sale and where I found a silver and amethyst ring for $10, plus amaretto chocolate fudge.

2020-10-04 09.54.34
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We drove home in quite a bit of late afternoon traffic and I am pretending my cats are happy to see me, though mostly they are happy to have someone to turn on their heating blankets and respond when they whine for food. We saw some of the evening's football, though we missed the game in which I had any interest -- Baltimore's victory over Washington. And we caught up on The Boys, which is so violent that it's hard to watch. Back to the usual grind tomorrow...