October 8th, 2020


Poem for Thursday and Beach Golf

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My Wednesday was pretty quiet apart from chatting at lunch with my two good friends from elementary school (art, bread-making, family stuff) and walking in the gorgeous weather; it's been a good week for seeing deer in the woods. Plus there was a new episode of The Masked Singer, which, despite a judging panel and host of whom I loathe 3/5, keeps me very happy every week.

Then I watched the debate, much of which I spent shouting at the screen (more than half, since Pence kept bullying the moderator and talking well past his time which Harris was stuck not bullying back because we all know the double standard to which women, especially women of color, are held if they come on too strong. Mini-golf courses from Delmarva last weekend:

2020-10-03 18.43.45
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