October 13th, 2020

get critical

Greetings from the Early Voting Drop Box

Paul had the day off for Columbus Day, which we don't observe for all the obvious anti-imperialist reasons, but we did take advantage of the schedule to take a long walk down the misty C&O Canal from Great Falls, then to stop at the Potomac Community Center (formerly my elementary school, Lake Normandy) to drop off our ballots, so in fact we celebrated Election Day! Plus we had three sisters stew for dinner to honor indigenous peoples day and after walking in the drizzle, that was perfect.

We watched some baseball, some Monday Night Football, and The Current War, which I enjoyed a lot, though don't go in looking for a proper critical biopic of Edison or even a Bechdel pass. It has a great cast (Cumberbatch, Shannon, Hoult, Holland, and lots of others) and I felt like boycotting it because of Weinstein would be a little pointless since he's going to die in prison. I loved getting to see the White City recreated in Chicago -- we toured the grounds when we lived in Hyde Park. A few pics from the day:

2020-10-12 15.38.07
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