October 15th, 2020


Poem for Thursday and Little Rabbit

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The main highlight of my Wednesday was something I can't talk about yet, but it involves a west coast relative and good news. The other highlight of my Wednesday was chatting with my three good high school friends, which as usual ran past lunch hour (partly because we had technical problems on both Google and Zoom with various people's audio) and we covered a lot of territory -- family, health, the election, what we're watching on Netflix, etc.

It was a gorgeous day to walk, which we did in the afternoon (no deer today but many squirrels and chipmunks), then we came home for baseball, dinner, The Masked Singer (I appreciate that that unmasking was a total surprise to everyone, including me; maybe the internet is wrong about who Seahorse is too), and several early fourth season Schitt's Creek episodes. Here is the baby bunny who has lately been eating in our neighbor's front yard:

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