October 20th, 2020


Poem for Tuesday and Locust Grove Halloween

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Monday was not eventful except that our furnace is not working. This really wasn't a problem after 6 a.m. because it was a warm day, and Tuesday is supposed to be mid-70s, but it means furnace people coming to inspect it and money gone to fix it, sigh. My parents had a flood in their house, so they have the giant fans and missing pieces of ceiling that we had upstairs after the roof flood last year, which is a much bigger pain. Since it was gorgeous out, we walked and cleaned up leaves.

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We saw some of the Bills-Chiefs game before dinner and a lot of the Cowboys-Cardinals game afterward -- I must admit that I enjoyed the latter, though I started to feel a bit badly for Dalton and have a new appreciation for Prescott since it looks like Dallas has not offensive line. We only watched one episode of Schitt's Creek, but it was the engagement picnic/Cabaret episode, so that was a delight. Here are some of the features of Locust Grove's pre-Halloween hike in the woods: