October 21st, 2020


Poem for Wednesday and Wind, Waves and Light

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Our furnace is fixed, for now, which entailed two HVAC technicians cleaning and replacing parts while warning us that we really should plan to replace the 30+ year old heating unit, though they think it will last the winter. Which is mixed good news, I guess? They wore masks the whole time and I was only in the same room as them for a few seconds, so I felt fine having them here, apart from the money aspect.

It was otherwise an unexciting day with gorgeous weather (we took a walk early so we'd be back for the repairs, and saw bunnies as well as chipmunks hard at work). Evening TV was the World Series plus the start of the sixth season of Schitt's Creek, which I am going to miss when we're done! From George Sherwood's gorgeous Wind, Waves, and Light: Art in Motion exhibit at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden:

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