October 23rd, 2020


Poem for Friday and Three Lakes Otters

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Apart from a couple of deliveries, Thursday was pretty uneventful till evening. It was nearly 80 degrees when we took a walk under the falling leaves; the weather was beautiful, but while tugging on my mask outside, I lost an earring Heather made for me in 2010, so I am bummed about that.

My Voyager group met on Thursday this week instead of Tuesday because someone had a conflict, and beckyo even joined us! We watched "Phage" -- not a great episode but it has the breakfast food discussion, and we got to discuss whether the phage is what happened to Mitch McConnell's hand.

No debate, we put on Thursday Night Football instead with a break for Schitt's Creek at halftime. All I saw of the various crises du jour were clips on Twitter -- I'm sorry about President Hunter Biden's lack of a health care bill. Here are the otters from Three Lakes Park in Richmond last weekend:

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