October 28th, 2020


Poem for Wednesday and Homestead Farm

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Tuesday was cool and quiet around here, a lovely day to walk and sweep leaves off the deck, lots of squirrels and chipmunks around plus one bunny hiding under a bush. I didn't get a lot done besides laundry and a Halloween fest contribution due two days ago.

I'm still very pissed off at the world -- well, at America -- well, at the dictators -- okay, yes, at America. And every single person on either end of the political spectrum who decided last election that Clinton would be just as bad as Trump and put us here.

I watched Voyager's "The Cloud" with my JetC friends, which is still a thing of beauty and a joy no Trek stupidity can stop. Then we watched what turned out to be the last game of the World Series, meh. From Homestead Farm, the goats, pigs, and alpacas of the season:

2020-10-18 14.15.15
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