October 29th, 2020

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Clay Houses

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Wednesday was another pretty, cool fall day here, probably the last one this week since Hurricane Zeta is supposed to sweep through here Thursday. Paul had to go back to the dentist to get a permanent crown put on the tooth that needed the root canal, after which we took a walk and had sausages, then watched The Masked Singer, as ridiculous as ever (the internet says the Mushroom might be Martha Stewart, hahaha).

Afterward, we started watching The Queen's Gambit, which everyone I know said was excellent and they were right. It has a lot of women in very difficult conditions, but so far they've all been very supportive of each other, even if that has sometimes meant enabling their addictions and bad decisions. Here are one of Andy Goldsworthy's three Clay Houses at Glenstone, plus his exhibits "Boulder" and "Holes" inside the other two:

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