November 17th, 2020

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Poem for Tuesday, The Crown, Calvert Cliffs

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Monday started quite warm for November but the temperature dropped during the day, so that it was cool when we walked in the late afternoon and chilly after dark. I did my semiannual closet shift -- the back part of my closet is inaccessible without emptying out the front part, so I have to move the winter and summer clothes forward and backward -- and most of a laundry though I need to fold it tomorrow. Somehow I got very little work done otherwise; apart from walking and chatting with a neighbor, I'm not sure where the day went. After dinner, we watched this week's Antiques Roadshow.

Then we watched two more episodes of The Crown, which has gone from not enthralling me to pissing me off. Gillian Anderson is still giving a great performance but the show veers between justifying Margaret Thatcher's policies and blowing up her family drama (Churchill was not first and foremost an angsty father on this series). I'm frustrated that as we watch crises all around the Commonwealth and overseas territories, we never find out what being the head of that might mean to the Queen or the Prince of Wales, only how insensitive they were to poor Diana. The hike to Calvert Cliffs:

2020-11-09 16.04.47
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