December 7th, 2020


Greetings from Croydon Creek

I am feeling completely wiped out from my Shingrix shot, which did not happen with the first one -- now I know why people said they did not enjoy it! I had a nice Sunday starting with an early Messenger call with my college roommate and another friend, then a walk at Croydon Creek (nature center closed, but no hunting this weekend and we saw deer, plus lots of birds and squirrels near the waterfall and farm ruins).

2020-12-06 13.59.40
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When we got home, I had a Zoom call with fannish friends, then we ate leftover jambalaya for dinner, after which we Skyped with older son. Then we watched 12 Strong, which I had seen before but Paul had not -- still extremely violent and doesn't unpack the long-term consequences of the war in Afghanistan, but well-acted and interesting. More tomorrow when hopefully my antibodies will be calmer!