December 12th, 2020


Greetings from Festivities

Friday was my birthday, by definition a low-key one in 2020, but I did get magnificent weather for it -- over 60 degrees! We had some household chores to get done in anticipation of Adam's arrival tomorrow, but in the late afternoon we took a walk along the C&O Canal and heard crickets and saw turtles, which I think of as unheard of in December. There were also lots of ducks and some geese and deer.

My parents got me Thai food from Amina in Rockville for dinner and we lit Chanukah candles with Nicole's family via FaceTime. When we got home, we watched this week's Mandalorian, which is excellent, then The Prom, which is quite fun despite having a few too many divas interrupting the story (and I want to see Eleanor!). Adam was busy packing to come here, but we Skyped him and Daniel both for a few minutes!

Birthday Card 2020
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