December 16th, 2020


Poem for Wednesday and Croydon Creek Waterfall

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We had another fairly quiet day on Tuesday -- we all had stuff to get done in the morning, then we ordered from Dunkin' to get jelly donuts for Chanukah and Beyond Sausage sandwiches for lunch. We took a walk early because we had plans to Zoom with my extended family (sister, niece, West Coast uncle and cousins) to say Happy Chanukah and check in.

I met my Voyager-watching friends online to watch "Cathexis" which is about as terrible as we remembered, then we watched the rest of Spider-man with Adam before he went to Skype his girlfriend and we watched Noelle, mostly because I like Anna Kendrick, though once is definitely enough! The waterfall in the woods at Croydon Creek:

2020-12-06 14.06.18
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