December 17th, 2020

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Wednesday Snow

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It started snowing not long after I woke up on Wednesday and continued all afternoon, turning to sleet toward evening, though before that, there were thick, beautiful flakes that stuck to everything. After chatting with friends, I took a walk to see whether the apricot blossoms and winter jasmine were still blooming, which they were, plus a neighbor's camellia. We put seed in the bird feeder and had cardinals, titmice, junkos, sparrows, and the inevitable squirrels visiting all day.

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After dinner we watched the season finale of The Masked Singer, where for once the best singer won (and a woman, though I actually think the runner-up was probably the most talented performer). Then we watched the "Delivery: All-Star Hanukkah" episode of Guy's Grocery Games, in which my cousin's husband's brother, a well-known L.A. chef, was one of the contestants. He cooked and lit the menorah with them at their house, so that was fun seeing it on TV!