February 1st, 2021


Greetings for a Snow Day

The predicted precipitation started on Sunday while we were still asleep, so we woke to snow falling and neighbor kids shrieking on sleds on the hill behind our house. The plow didn't arrive till afternoon, so we had a pretty quiet day doing chores (tub caulk, laundry folding, refrigerator cleaning) and watching women's basketball, plus the first two episodes of History of Swear Words, which is very enjoyable.

2021-01-31 14.30.41A
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Since we were in the house all day, Paul made deep dish pizza while I Zoomed with friends, then we Skyped with the kids after dinner. Later we watched The Little Things, which is well-done for neo-noir but also has many of the genre's pitfalls (lots of dead bodies, lots of male angst, female characters either victims or supporting staff) though the three Oscar winner leads are excellent, especially Denzel.