February 18th, 2021


Poem for Thursday and Random Pandemic Wednesday

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Several of my good friends have had an absolute shitshow the past couple of days -- a couple with family members with coronavirus, a couple who still don't have power from last week's storms, and a couple who are dealing with other serious illness themselves and with family members -- so between that and the doom weather forecast we have for Thursday-Friday, I am cranky and tired.

I had a nice hour at lunch talking to two of my high school friends and we got Cava for dinner because we had a coupon, so that was all good, and we watched the season finale of The Masked Dancer, on which my favorite won, so that was at least two hours of mindlessness. I will try to be less boring and higher energy tomorrow! Meanwhile here is the gorgeous sky this evening and Katniss sharing Cava:

2021-02-17 17.27.01
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