February 25th, 2021


Poem for Thursday and Great Falls Geese

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I did lots of stuff on Wednesday -- laundry because of another unfortunate cat incident and not even the same cat as the last one, chatting at lunch with my high school friends (now 2/4 vaccinated), and walking in Cabin John Park since the weather was spectacular -- the crocuses all over the hill by the amphitheater are starting to bloom, as are the snowdrops behind the train station (photos tomorrow, I did not organize them tonight)!

Cheryl finally, finally has her power back, so we watched this week's WandaVision together, then I caught up on the first episode of Superman and Lois, which Kay had warned me was darker than she expected but I mostly liked it though it's a little predictable and Lois definitely got short shrift in the storytelling this first episode (she's almost entirely mother-wife-daughter, not reporter). Geese and ducks at Great Falls:

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