February 27th, 2021

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Poem for Saturday and Cabin John Crocuses

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I had a pretty quiet Friday -- chores, email, figuring out how to add watermarks to my Barbie Tarot images so that over the coming (predicted to be rainy) weekend I can upload them and change the URLs on the web pages to stop people from stealing and selling them again. I'm so glad our Star Trek Tarot images are much smaller and the other online "decks" I've made have horizontal images, not practical for actual Tarot readings (I don't believe in divination, so practical reading use has never matted so much to me). Here are the Cabin John crocuses from the past two days:

2021-02-24 16.56.22
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Saw my parents briefly -- they brought Whole Foods sesame tofu -- and took a walk, and though the drizzle started while we were out, I saw my first open daffodil of the spring! And we watched WandaVision, which is fantastic this week though painful to watch: lots of things we knew had happened to Wanda from previous screen moments seen in a new light, and Hayward should die at the hands of all the monsters he's contributed to creating. Then we watched the season finale of Dickinson, which did not make up to Emily and Sue for all the disappointing obsession with men this season.