March 7th, 2021


Greetings from Carderock

My Saturday sucked second-hand -- a good friend lost her father, whom I did not know well but had met a few times and who'd been ill for a while but no one expected the end to be so quick. So I feel terrible for her. Otherwise, I had a pretty quiet day doing some chores before Pokemon Community Day started, at which point I was distracted catching Fletchlings. We had eggs and home fries for lunch, then went to walk along the canal; the original plan was Great Falls, but I forgot to put the national park pass in my camera bag, so instead we went to Carderock, where it was chilly and we saw lots of birds:

Collapse )

We had an early birthday dinner for my mother at my parents' house in the evening, since my sister will be in town on her actual birthday and they've all been vaccinated but we have not. We got food from Trapezaria and ate in the kitchen instead of the basement for the first time in a year. Then we came home and watched The Trial of the Chicago 7, which I enjoyed a lot more than I expected -- Aaron Sorkin is hit or miss for me, but the trademark rapid-fire snark really works for this story and some of the dialogue was brilliant ("How do you overthrow your government peacefully?" "In this country, we do it every four years").