March 31st, 2021


Poem for Wednesday and Kenwood Cherry Blossoms

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Tuesday was just as gorgeous a day as Monday, a bit warmer, and since Paul had no afternoon Zoom conferences, we planned at lunchtime to go to Kenwood, the Bethesda neighborhood with over a thousand Yoshino cherry trees. Parking isn't allowed in the neighborhood, so we left the car up a side street and walked to the central area, which in addition to the cherry blossoms has lots of forsythia, magnolia, flowering ground cover, daffodils, and the earliest tulips. There were a number of other people walking around but almost everyone was masked, including the children, and people were respectful of other people's personal space.

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We ate leftovers for dinner because we were running tight on time (for one thing, my little laptop was refusing to acknowledge that it has a camera and I still don't know what's wrong). My Voyager group watched "Maneuvers" -- the one where Chakotay goes off after Seska and she steals his DNA -- and while it's more interesting than some of the surrounding episodes, I don't like how many characters are written, especially how Seska turns from a woman I love to hate into a woman who's simply despicable. Afterward I watched Supergirl purely for the SuperCorp (which did not disappoint), then Michigan vs UCLA (in which the Wolverines did).