April 1st, 2021

get critical

Poem for Thursday and Rainy Flowers

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We had rain most of the day Wednesday, which was fine as I had things I actually needed to get done. Plus I had a nice long lunchtime Zoom chat with my high school friends -- everyone made it this week! In the late afternoon, the rain stopped and we went for a walk, which let us see lots of shiny wet spring color, then I went to do a Pokemon raid and the rain started up again and I got drenched.

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Wednesday night after dinner (peanut butternut squash stew, which was awesome) it was time for The Masked Singer, in which I'd barely heard of the guy who was unmasked because I'm old, but the new guy in the crab costume is great and Black Swan is great too. Then we caught up on The Flash (better without mirrors, but still meh) and Debris (still interesting and great characterization).