April 8th, 2021


Poem for Thursday and McCrillis Flowers

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I spent lots of Wednesday on Zoom calls, but that was lovely -- I had my usual lunchtime chat with my high school friends, and another friend, whom I've known since elementary school but hadn't corresponded with in the decade before the Facebook era, joined us so we could catch up. She's an attorney who went to law school at my college alma mater, so we know people in common from various eras of our lives, and she has expertise in areas of interest to all of us so it was really fun to talk to her. I also did a bunch of Raid Hour Pokemon raids, some distanced and some in person.

Otherwise my Wednesday consisted of chores and still trying to understand the implications of the Google-Oracle lawsuit Supreme Court decision, which older son explained in fast food terms. It was another gorgeous day, nearly 80 degrees, so we took a long walk around the neighborhood and were sung to by lots of wrens before The Masked Singer (always entertaining) and catching up on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist (so much love for Mo's maybe-boyfriend and definitely Zoey don't pick Max ffs) and The Flash (hahaha time travel episode is fun). From McCrillis Gardens:

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